Picture of Centers

Established in 1990, the Florida Association of Centers for Independent Living (FACIL) is a capacity building advocacy organization that provides support and resource development for 15 Centers for Independent Living (CILs) throughout Florida. CILS are 501(c)(3), community-based, non-profit agencies that empower persons with disabilities to move from dependence to independence.

When FACIL serves the Centers for Independent Living it serves a greater purpose: the independent living movement in Florida. FACIL is a membership organization, created, driven and expanded by members who look beyond the catchment area that they serve to a wider horizon and to a higher goal: the advocacy and service mission to which they've pledged their work. Also, through FACIL, members share best practices, brainstorm ideas, find solutions and through this effort and unity the independent living movement grows stronger.

What We Do

The Florida Association of Centers for Independent Living provides an array of services to its member CILs:

Legislative Advocacy
FACIL maintains and works to increase funding for independent living by advocating at Florida's capitol.

Partnership Development
FACIL collaborates strategically with businesses and industry, developing beneficial relationships.

FACIL provides education and training opportuntities to the CILs of Florida.

Quarterly Member Meetings
FACIL organizes and conducts quarterly member meetings to provide peer networking opportunities and information exchange.

Strategic Plan

Legislative and systems change advocacy for CILs and for persons with disabilities.

  • Collaboration with other disability organizations to maximize CIL potential and better serve persons with disabilities in Florida
  • Resource Development for CILs
  • Special Projects
  • Member Services