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Florida Grant Portal

The downloadable Grant Funders (pdf) document lists foundation and corporate funders who are or may be interested in supporting persons with disabilities. The table is designed so that if you see a potential funding match for your CIL, you will have all the information necessary to apply including deadlines, contact names, funding priorities, and even a list of previous grant awards. That may be all that you need. Or you may wish to request from FACIL full grant writing services. This service is available exclusively to FACIL members. Please refer to the Procedure for Requesting Grant Writing Services for details.

Other Links

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Refinance & Mortgage Guide for Persons with Disabilities
Housing & Mortgages for People with Disabilities

A Positive Strategy for Expanding Market Share
What's the third largest market segment in the United States? The answer might surprise you. It's not a particular ehtnicity, gender or age group. It's people with disabilities. The size of this population - 54 million strong - surpasses Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans, as well as Generation X and teens. Add in their families, friends and associates, and you get a trillion dollars in purchasing power.

For employers interested in more information about hiring persons wtih disabilities: