Suncoast CIL

3281 17th Street
Sarasota, FL 34255

Phone: (941) 351-9545

Executive Director: Harvey Brooks (

Additional Services

Service Description Notes
AdvocacySCIL provides information and assistance for people with disabilities and their families in promoting change when faced with barriers and discrimination in accessing support systems, benefits, and services such as: applying for social security benefits; Appeals processes; Discrimination; Housing information; Medicaid benefits; ADA consultations; Self advocacy and much more!
Information and ReferralSCIL provides comprehensive and up-to-date information to Sarasota and Manatee residents on available resources for people with disabilities and assists individuals by providing referrals for: SCIL programs and services; Community resources; Assistive technology; Federal, state and county regulations; Housing opportunities.
Independent Living Skills TrainingIndependent Living Skills Training services teach independent living skills in health and wellness, computers, financial management, Independent Living Skills Training is conducted in a group setting based on the appropriate skill level of each consumer. We work with each consumer to create an individualized Independent Living Plan (ILP) to set goals to develop the skills needed to live independently and participate in community activities.
Portable Modular RampsSCIL builds wheelchair ramps for people with disabilities to assist with making their homes safe and accessible.
Medical Equipment LoansSCIL loans durable medical equipment on a long or short-term basis to people with disabilities who lack the financial income or insurance to cover the cost of purchase from other sources. Available equipment includes wheelchairs, walkers, power chairs, grab bars and more.
Computer Equipment LoansSCIL loans refurbished desktop and laptop computers on a long or short-term basis to people with disabilities who lack the financial income to cover the cost of purchase from other sources.
Food DistributionSCIL is proud partners of All Faiths Food Bank. Once a week SCIL delivers free canned goods and frozen items to those disabled in need during this difficult time while helping them maintain their independence. Food varies from week to week.
TransitionSCIL is committed to helping individuals with disabilities who desire and are able to have their needs safely met in a home setting with the necessary supports and services. Transition programs enable people who are at risk of entering or already are in institutional facilities to obtain community-based living situations. The Youth Transition Program is a specialized summer program for students ages 14-24 that focuses on life skills such as housing, banking, career planning, etiquette and more.
Peer MentoringSCIL's Peer Mentoring Program offers persons with disabilities the opportunity to interact with peers. Each mentor shares ideas, experiences, and difficulties through one on one or support group activities that provide practical advice and promote positive living with a disability.
Support GroupsOur support groups offer consumers, family members and caregivers an opportunity to share common experiences, develop coping skills, and foster friendships to connect in an open and comfortable setting. SCIL's support groups offer a place of acceptance, patience, and compassion necessary to adapt to live with a disability. Groups include: Acquired Disability group; Brain injury support group (this group offers medical and resource information supplied by the Brain Injury Association of Florida.); Autism support group; men with disabilities support group; women with disabilities support group.
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