Empowering Persons
Living With Disabilities

What is a Center for Independent Living (CIL)?

CILs are consumer-driven, non-profit organizations who support community living and independence for people with disabilities based on the belief that all people can live with dignity, make their own choices and participate fully in society.  ​CILs provide tools and supports for integrating people with disabilities fully into their communities.  ​​CILs serve all disabilities and all ages in every county in Florida.

CILs Deliver a Variety of Services in Response to the Needs in their Communities:

We Empower Self Reliance

Learn more about FACIL and the CIL’s we serve through this short introductory video.

JP-PAS Program

Are you employed?
Do you have a significant disability?

If you require assistance with at least two activities of daily living to attain and maintain employment, you may be eligible for a reimbursement of up to $2,160 per month to help offset the cost of your personal care assistance.


Success Stories

Access to the Backyard
Raicel wanted to access his backyard so that he could play outside with his kids. A grassy patch near the back gate prevented his wheelchair from going through the yard. He also needed to enter and exit his home near his driveway. CIL Broward partner Amramp designed an L-shaped ramp specifically to meet Raicel's mobility needs. Raicel is thrilled by the results and now gets to enjoy more time with his family and his backyard.
Toileting Without Fear
A 56-year old woman who is just shy of 6 feet tall and uses a rollator walker for all her mobility needs. She was in desperate need of a commode and a reacher. Disability Achievement Center came to her aid and was able to deliver a FAAST/MERP commode and a MERP reacher. She was simply over-joyed at being able to finally overcome her fear of falling as she is unsteady on her feet due to complications from both rheumatoid arthritis and osteo-arthritis.
Nursing Home Diversion
Bryan Rios is in his late twenties and has severe Cerebral Palsy. Bryan's disability has created barriers that have impacted his independence. He needs assistance with his activities of daily living. Within four days of his mom contacting CIL Broward, Bryan had a Hoyer lift installed in his home, preventing him from moving into a nursing home, and helping him maintain his independence.
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​CILs serve people of ALL ages and ALL disabilities

Whether you are a high school student with a disability anxious about managing the transition after graduation, a professional in need of transportation assistance or a senior citizen who needs assistance to remain in your home – CILs can provide or connect you with services to meet your needs.

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