Success Stories

Woman standing with assistive standing device.

Maya O.

Maya and her parents live in Fort Myers. During Hurricane Ian, the family's fully accessible house was completely flooded, including all of Maya’s assistive technology and durable medical equipment (DME). Maya’s ruined DME a standing transfer lift, Rifton Hygiene and Toileting System, a standing frame, and a wheelchair.

Maya and her family scrambled around to reach out to individuals to get appropriate assistive technology to help Maya continue to be independent. However, the family could not afford Maya's expensive DME. The family began looking at resources and contacted CILGC. CILGC was able to assess Maya’s needs and ordered a standing transfer lift that was delivered to her home. A Rifton Hygiene and Toileting System were also ordered and sent to the family as well. The family is now working on removing physical barriers in their grandparents' home and making it accessible enough to live out of while their house is repaired.

Man in wheelchair surrounded by CIL staff.

Individual with Brain Injury

CIL Broward and Gulf Coast staff drive a young man with a brain injury 130 miles back home after Hurricane Ian left his home with roof damage, and no running water or electricity. The Center provided the family with two weeks of temporary housing assistance at Towncenter Suites by Marriott in Broward County since no hotel vacancies were available in their home area of Cape Coral.


Maxine stopped by CILGC after being directed by 211. Maxine shared that her daughter is a double leg amputee, and was having issues with incontinence. CILGC was able to help Maxine by bringing her into the classroom set up with durable medical equipment and supplies

Staff provided Hurricane Ian relief assistance and assessed Maxine and her family‘s needs. Maxine shared that her daughter needed a transport wheelchair, adult diapers, bed pads, wipes, hygiene packets, and a case of water. Maxine said she was very appreciative because she was not working due to the hurricane and supplies are very expensive for her.



Mark is a left-leg amputee. Mark called CILGC because he was having difficulty getting around after Hurricane Ian due to his four-legged prong walker having a crack and being unusable. Staff assessed Mark’s needs and were able to get the proper cane Mark needed in just a day.

Dwight B

Dwight B.

Dwight B. is diagnosed with arthritis and has had multiple back surgeries. Hurricane Ian destroyed Dwight’s mobile home in North Fort Myers and was staying with a friend who was gracious enough to allow him to stay. Unfortunately, he did not have his medical equipment because it was washed away due to Hurricane Ian.

CILGC staff provided Hurricane Ian relief assistance by assessing Dwight's immediate needs. He needed a walker with a seat and a blood pressure cuff. CILGC did not have any of these items on hand, so they ordered him a walker with a seat and blood pressure cuff that was delivered to him the very next day.



CILGC staff met Diane when they visited the Emergency Needs Shelter in Fort Myers. Diane is an individual that is diagnosed with severe arthritis. Diane still living was at one of the last remaining Lee County shelters. She was using a Transport wheelchair that didn’t fit her correctly and she was unable to push herself. Due to the wheelchair not fitting correctly she had begun getting sores and her blood flow to her lower limbs was being cut off.

CILGC was able to provide her with an 18-inch manual wheelchair, that would fit her properly, a gel seat cushion, a hygiene packet, and other hurricane relief supplies within 24 hours.

Diane shared that she was very appreciative of this as her house and all her belongings were washed away due to Hurricane Ian. She shared that this wheelchair was now one of her only belongings and she would cherish it and take great care of it.



CILGC staff was connected to Sue, a consumer with colon cancer. Hurricane Ian washed away her house and everything inside it. Sue uses a colostomy bag and was in dire need of supplies. She had contacted many medical supply stores and hospitals without any luck. CILGC didn’t have the correct colostomy supplies, but the staff took the opportunity to collect extra personal supplies and gathered enough for Sue to help her until she gets her new prescription from her doctor.

Staff also provided hurricane and disaster relief assistance by helping her with her FEMA application and directing her, on how to claim damage to medical supplies. They also gave her water, hygiene supplies, and provided her with enough colostomy supplies (barriers and pouches) for approximately the next 3 months.

Nicholas K

Nicholas K.

Nicholas K. was a lineman who was injured approximately one year ago with paralysis in his right leg. He uses an electric scooter that helps him maneuver around his house and community.

When Hurricane Ian hit, water came in from the roof, ruining his electric scooter. He had to use a walker making him not as independent as he desired. CILGC and staff were able to provide him with the electric scooter. Nicholas says that he is very grateful and appreciates the fast response.

Kristy R

Kristy R.

Kristy R. was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease right before Hurricane Ian hit. Her family reached out to CILGC because they noticed that it had gotten more severe since the storm and Kristy was unable to walk and maneuver independently.

CILGC was able to provide Kristy with a 16-inch manual wheelchair. The family reports Kristy was able to go on a “stroll” with her grandson and hasn’t been this happy in a long time!

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